Andrea Gerak FAQ

I’m getting the same questions from many people, so it’s better that you read this FAQ first before writing to me. I might add more to the list, as common questions come my way.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I was born in Ozd, a small city in Northern Hungary, grew up a couple of kilometres away from that, in Kazincbarcika, and I was living in Budapest for about 10 years.

Q: So you are Hungarian, right?
A: Yes!

Q: In what language can I write to you?
A: Obviously in Hungarian, next best is English, then German. I might be able to understand if you write me in Russian, French, Italian or Spanish, but it would make my life easier if you attached a simple translation as well. An automatic online translation will do it…

Q: If you are Hungarian, what are you doing in Sweden?
A: Simple: I got married recently and as my husband is from Stockholm, I came here with him a short time ago.

Q: How do like Sweden?
A: So far so good: very nice snowy, beautiful woods & waters everywhere I can see, clean, orderly, well organized, and the atmosphere is warmer and more calm than in some places I’ve been.

Q: When do you come to Hungary?
A: Next I plan to go there somewhen in March, just have to coordinate a few things. Then I want to set up my life in a way that I would go back&forth between the 2 cities – Budapest is still the best town in the world!

Q: You are such a nice (gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, etc, everything that boys can write) woman, can I know you better?
A: Sure! I’m glad that you find me nice and I appreciate if you dig my music, you can find most of the things to know about me on my website. If you don’t find the answer to your questions, why don’t you drop me a line and ask directly? But if you have even the slightest intention to flirt, date and so on with me – sorry guys, beside my husband nobody has any chance of whatsoever, find somebody else!

Q: Will you sing for me?
A: Gladly! Please give me all the details: time, place, how long performance do you need, for what occasion, how many people are you expecting, who else is performing, how big is the stage, what technical equipment do you supply, how about the money, if it’s charity, what’s the cause, etc. I am available for festivals, concerts, studio recordings, show cases, house concerts, corporate, community, church events, exhibition openings and other representative occasions, private parties: birthdays, name giving or wedding ceremonies, funerals, celebrating your new house, spouse, etc.

Q: What else do you do beside singing?
A: As I am an independent artist, coordinating all the production & promotion of my music, keeping contact with the biz, fellow musicians, friends & fans, creating and maintaning my website, improving my repertoire, figuring out ideas for new songs and so on, and keeping myself physically and mentally fit – well, this is a fulltime, 40-hour job. Per day. I spend the rest of my time with my husband, talk with my teen son about Harry Potter, the latest Nintendo and other business, sometimes I get involved in humanitarian activities, like human rights or anti-drug campaigns. And I do the dishes, the laundry…

Q: So there is no team behind you?
A: There is no such a thing as Andrea Gerak Team. Instead, I have an international network of people I am in contact with and where I get professional assistance for this or that project. My closest advisor is my husband, he is taking care of some logistics and I consult him regarding plans, strategies and other matters. Otherwise, I’m using the knowledge I’ve learned along my way, or I like to check out the references from the correct sources if I need some data.

Q: Where can I buy your CD?
A: At the moment, my first album is sold out, will be re-launched around Easter, and you will be able to order it online for sure, distribution to stores in Hungary, Sweden and in other countries is under negotiation, you’ll be informed. My own next album takes a few months more, it will be songs with Effi Shoshani, Cambridge & other friends. It can also happen that before releasing that one, I will appear on other musicians’ CDs. Stay tuned, the best bet for you to be informed is to get my news via email; on my website, you can simply join the email list or just contact me here about it. (Your address & other data will be never given out to 3rd party, and you can unsubscribe any time)

CD info & pre-order here

Q: Until then, where can I listen to all of your songs?
A: On the Music page of my official site, you find all the info about them; there are several sites where you can listen to the full songs and buy them,

Q: Is there anything I can help you?
A: Certainly, thanks for asking! In several ways:
– All the constructive feedback on my music is appreciated
– Every now and then, I’ll ask native speakers of this or that language to correct some articles I’m gonna publish. Great way for you to be the first one to know what’s cooking!
– If you like what I’m doing, spread it around to your friends: send them the pages with my songs, links to my site, (soon I’ll have a banner – yeah!! can somebody help me now to create a banner? I have an idea of how it would look like, just have no clue of how to do it. If you have some spare moments for it, please let me know), and forward my Newsletters. I’ll be grateful for all these, it’s something that you can generally do anytime. If there is some specific task I can’t cope with, I won’t be ashamed to ask 🙂

Q: What else can you offer?
A: Posters, T-shirts & more:


It says: Don’t Fall Asleep


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