Album release: Arva az a madar – Lonely Is The Bird

Cover: Aleah

This wonderful sunshiny weekend, when birdies are happily chatting, you should be the first to know about the new digital album that just has been released:

Arva az a madar – Lonely Is The Bird

Andrea Gerak singing Hungarian folk songs with New Age music by Effi Shoshani (Israel), Angel Oros – Cambridge (Spain) and Sandor Fekete-Kiss (Hungary)

What people say about it:

“Traditional Hungarian music can be outstanding and this modern version (Arva az a madar – Lonely Is The Bird) from Andrea Gerak is no exception. Incredible vocal skill is matched by equally incredible musical arrangements! Beauty to be cherished!”

“I don’t speak a word of Hungarian, but this (Ne aludj el – Don’t Fall Asleep) is extremely lovely. I can imagine sunrise coming up over the forest with this song playing.”

“This composition and performance (Madarka, madarka – Little Birdie) is quite unique. The music is traditional, yet progressive, complex yet beautifully simple. An awesome, nearly unbelievable voice, harmonizing with drifting, choir-like echoes”

Get 6 tracks (40 minutes) for only 5$!
Lyrics in Hungarian English

Special offer:
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2. let me know when you’ve bought the album
3. receive 1 extra track for free!

Listen & buy it here:


Andrea Gerak


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