CD Relaunch: Madárka, madárka (Little Birdie)

The Little Birdie is flying again!! With new feathers, it is taking off again to wing the air, across the world.

Madárka, madárka

Andrea Gerak’s first album with haunting folk songs from various regions of the historical Hungary has been sold out and now is here again, in a new, pretty design.

What people say:

“When I listened to your songs, I got into such a good mood! Boy, this is what people need!” – Ákos Kunfalvy, poet
“I like to listen to your songs VERY much”Anders Miolin guitar virtuoso
“I am totally convinced about your professionalism.”Sándor Fekete-Kiss composer

The first edition of the album was cherished by the general listener who came back to buy one or two more other copies, as well as by artists seeking for inspiration.

Sándor Fekete-Kiss fell in love with the opening track and asked Andrea to perform the song for the 2003 Symmetry Festival Budapest closing concert. There was born the 17-minute piece Madárka, madárka (Little Birdie) which closes Andrea’s New Age album Árva az a madár (Lonely Is The Bird) applying the composer’s unique technique, a new meditative concert form.

Effi Shoshani Israeli composer used the a cappella Madárka, madárka CD as raw material for two songs. Track #4 gave the base for Gyöngyvirág (Lily Of The Valley) and track #13 can be heard as lead vocal in Andrea’s probably most famous one: the title song of Árva az a madár (Lonely Is The Bird)

Available from the 20th of June.

Price: 10.- EUR / 12.- USD + shipping

Release special: ORDER NOW and get a free MP3 song from the New Age album Árva az a madár (Lonely Is The Bird)


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