Two songs in Top 10 on SoundClick!

SoundClick, the premier destination among music communities is celebrating its 10th anniversary. They used the First Internet Charts (compiled in various genres from streamed plays and hot votes), and today, we are proud to see that on the World Fusion Charts, two songs are in Top 20 where Andrea Gerak is singing!

Don’t Fall Asleep is #2
This song also has a great position on the World Music Charts: #24!

And Yay, I’ve Been Freezing is #7

The fact that Andrea met
Cambridge 2003 (Ángel Orós) exactly through SoundClick some time ago, and the fruits of their co-operation are spreading around at other cyber places like Last FM, MySpace, YouTube and at live performances, gives one more reason to thank the staff of this independent music community for their work.

And these tracks will not be the last songs where these two artists work together.


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