Csángó Night and Dance House

The Sweden-based Petrás Incze János Csángó Foundation is holding a charity event at the Hungarian House in Stockholm. All the benefit from the concert will go to support social and cultural needs of Csángó Hungarians in Moldva.

Time: 24th May 2008
Place: Magyar Ház – Ungerska Huset
(Bromma, Lövåsvägen 12, Stora Mossen subway station, green line towards Hässelby) Map

15:00-17:00 dance house for children (Hungarian folk dances)
17:00-19:00 Csángó Night Concert
19:30- till about Midnight dance house for adults (Hungarian folk dances)

Entrance fee: adulsts 80.-SEK, children 30.-SEK

Excellent Hungarian, Japanese, Indian, Polish, Swedish and Latvian artists will perform at the concert of folk music and classical music:

Barozda (Csongor Simó violin, Lajos Toró viola, József Simó double bass, hurdy-gurdy, koboz): traditional music from Transylvania and Moldva, Dance suite from Mezoseg

Barna Both (piano) performs his own compositions (“The Little Prince” and “Nocturne”),
Andrea Gerák Csángó folk songs from Moldva, My Sweet Gergel

Japanese students of Sonoko Kase play piano,
Lakshmikanth (tabla, voice) and Saikira (indiai harmonium): classical Indian music,
Magnus Smedman Band (Swedish bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy): Swedish folk music,
Milda Zigure and Ineta Zigure Latvian artists (violin and piano)
Kinga Práda Sagvik (flute),
György Stuber (Hungarian bagpipe, Moldva Csángó bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy and flute): folk music from Transylvania and Moldva, first ever Csángó bagpipe stage performance in music history!,
Zsuzsanna Gaal, Gabriella Dybowski, Thomas Svanfeldt és György Stuber Hungarian folk dances.

Dance house music will be played by Barozda and György Stuber.

Donations can be sent to Foundation Petrás Incze János Csángó Alapítvány (Postgiro: 636 25 57 – 8 Receiver: Csángó Fonden Petrás Incze János)

Thank you in the name of Csángós.

Our event is dedicated to commemorate the late Csángó musicians Gergely Mesterke (-2004), Péter Minuc (-2002), Mihály Dima(-2005, Petru Ghiurca bagpipers and János Zerkula (-2008) fiddler who visited Sweden in 2002

Contact: +46 8 254038
Magyar Ház (Hungarian House) in Stockholm


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