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A few great music artists, brought to you by Andrea Gerak, with personal comments, enjoy!

After I had 3 auditions in the first 3 days of the week (of which one of them was a demo recording session with a Swedish composer-producer who has written for example famous Christmas songs that are big not only in Sweden but in the UK, US, Italy and produced some of the now big name Swedish artists) plus practiced for the recording of my new album, and that involved listening to my own and others singing almost non-stop, intensely using my throat for about 4 hours a day on an average, I needed to have some instrumental-only sounds.

Here is a selection of music from my friends I listened to in the last couple of days. I could probably write long reviews on them and later maybe will; now just a short recommendation to each artist, picking one or two random songs, and let the music speak. New Age, Classical, Film music to your and my listening pleasure.

Started with Ballerina from one of my Spanish friends Gnomusy (David Caballero). I know this song since more than 3 years and have listened to it many times, always singing along – I think I will ask him to make a version I can use as a background for performing it…
Ballerina – by Gnomusy makes me always happy.

Went over to Jace Vek’s page to see his latest piece and I had to give another go to the whole playlist again, besides plugging his 2 older albums Vision and Jace Vek Live with the Royal Sylvan Philharmonic in my ears very often. On ReverbNation, Jace presents us his newer stuff as well. His original tracks are an absolute must, you might easily find one of the greatest pianist-composers of our times…
All She Wanted – by Jace Vek
Viva la Vida – orchestrated and performed by Jace Vek is one of my faves, how do you like his version of the Cold Play hit?

Looking forward to his upcoming album!

Easy move to skip over to my other buddy Glen Gabriel. I have his CD Music In Chronological Order which is awesome, but here on RN you get the latest pieces from this composer as well. Glen’s music says: Movie, Baby!!!
BIRCA – by Glen Gabriel shows me that the Viking spirit can be still found here in Sweden 🙂

And a girl: Kori Linae Carothers whose new album Trillium is getting very good responses.
Dancing In The Clouds – by Kori Linea Carothers (feat. Jeff Oster)makes me do just that: dance in the clouds

And here you have them all five:
In Andrea’s music player 2009/Nov/15

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

– yours, Andrea Gerak

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