For the new year and the new decade

When You’re Smiling by the Jive Aces

Andrea Gerak wishes a great year to everyone with these words: 

“After the holidays mood, celebrations, parties, tomorrow, Monday morning everything goes “back to normal”: people start the ordinary working days, kids go to school. Christmas decorations are already hidden in boxes, but hopefully the spirit of love stays with us and new year resolutions stick longer than a couple of enthusiastic days or weeks.

Despite the worldwide financial crisis and very hard, challenging events in my personal life, I can say 2009 was the best year ever for me, in terms of creativity and activity: I became an endorser of World March for Peace and Non-Violence, opened an online webshop with photo gifts, performed with excellent musicians in new collaborations, amongst others with Fabatka, created a few videos, like this one: There Is No Greater Sadness, started to write reviews on fellow artists and articles that are hopefully useful for others, published a new album: This Way, Sweetheart!,and got many new friends, fans, followers and contacts on various sites.

If I Was A River, at Celebration of Hungarian Jazz 2009, Budapest Jazz Club
Watch video on YouTube

2010 looks even better, with more exciting works with my composers Cambridge 2003 and Effi Shoshani and with other musicians to perform with, and I am looking forward to new collaborations with a few other international artists, to be named a bit later, festivals and other concerts, more songs, videos, perhaps one or two books and photo exhibitions.

This was the self-promotion part 🙂 but the point of my message is this:

No matter what happens, if you are able to keep on creating and giving out good stuff, life will be good to you – that’s a stable datum I am operating on.   

And that’s my wish for you in the new year and the new decade: have you all a happy life, and create it in the way as it is the best for you and for the most people around you, and for the world.

Love, Andrea”

Andrea’s birthday wish



3 thoughts on “For the new year and the new decade

  1. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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