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Folk song from North-Eastern Turkey, Black Sea region (Map)

Made known by Kâzım Koyuncu
From the album This Way, Sweetheart!
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Andrea Gerak performing this song at Budapest Fringe Festival 2008
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                                      Mount Sis Photo source


Aðasarýn balýný
Gel salýný salýný
Adam cebinde taþýr
Senin gibi gelini

Oy Asiye Asiye
Tütün koydum kesiye
Baban seni veriyi da
Bir baða pýrasiye

Sis daðýnýn baþýnda yel
Püfür püfür esiyor
Baban bu yýl kurbaný
Çifter çifter kesiyor

Ağasar’s honey, come leisurely
A guy would carry a bride like you in his pocket, oh Asiye.

Oh Asiye, Asiye, I put the tobacco in the case
Your father is giving you away for a wrap of leek, oh Asiye.

By the Mount Sis the wind blows gently
Your father sacrifices sheep in pairs this year, oh Asiye.

(The song is written in the local dialect)

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This song is part of Andrea’s birthday wish



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