Piros alma (Red Apple)

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Traditional Hungarian folk song from Mátyusföld (Slovak: Matušova zem) South-West Slovakia.
It was also featured on Andrea’s first CD Madarka, Madarka (Little Birdie), and this is a new recording.
From the album This Way, Sweetheart!
Photo: Andrea Gerak
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House in Martos (Martovce), a mostly Hungarian village in the area (Map), Photo source

A short story, written by Andrea Gerak: The Apple Tree

Szöveg / Lyrics

Piros alma leesett a sárba,
Ki felveszi, nem veszi hiába,
Felvenné azt de sok édesanya,
Hogy a fia ne volna katona.

Egy asszonynak két eladó lánya,
Egyik szekfű, másik majoránna,
Megüzenem az édesanyjának,
Kösse össze, jó lesz bokrétának.

Kinek nincsen igaz szeretője,
Menjen ki a martosi erdőbe,
Írja fel a fának levelére,
Hogy nézne ki igaz szeretője.

The red apple has fallen into the mud,
The one who will pick it up, won’t do it in vain,
Oh, many mother would pick it up,
So that their sons won’t be soldiers.

One woman’s two nubile daughters,
One of them is clove, the other is marjoram,
I send a message to their mother
To bind them together, it will do good as a posy.

He who doesn’t have a true lover,
Should go out to the woods of Martos
And write it on a tree leaf
How should his true lover look like. 

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Beli Buba, Beli

This song is part of Andrea’s birthday wish


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