Had I Known

Listen to song  From the charity compilation in progress Haiti Aid Through Music, this track is by The Heavens

West Yorkshire-based band The Heavens began life as the brainchild of Richard Green, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist with both Ultrasound and The Somatics.

Best described as a blend of British & American Psychedelia, Rock & Roll and 90’s Brit-Rock, the core line up sees Richard working alongside Davey Fairbrother (The Lost 45s) on drums and vocals, James Heggie (The Lazy Darlings, Vib Gyor) on bass guitar and Mark Drury (The High) on organ and guitar.

2009 saw The Heavens taking their energetic live show up and down the country, appearing at Liverpool’s IPO Festival at The Cavern, The Edinburgh Festival and various London dates along the way. Having also recorded over an albums worth of tracks at Leeds’ Attic Studios, the band are currently planning further live dates and an EP release for early 2010.

The Heavens are:
Richard Green – Guitar/Vocals
Mark Drury – Keys/Guitar
Dave Fairbrother – Drums/Vocals
Victoria May – Vocals
James Heggie – Bass

 Download track and support volunteers working in Haiti

More songs from Haiti Aid Through Music:


One World by Joel Kanning
Purple Raga by Matthew Montfort
Uche by Paul Kwitek
Ostracized Melancholy by Softcore
Help Me Believe by Emerald
God Only Knows My Shoe Size by Ludwig Amadeus
Ochun by Ancient Future


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