Skimming Stones (Reach The Horizon Mix)

Listen to song  From the charity compilation in progress Haiti Aid Through Music, this track is by Sleepthief, featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw
Music: Elswick/Hawkshaw
Lyrics: Hawkshaw
Label: Neurodisc/Echotone Records  

Sleepthief is the musical creation of songwriter and composer, Justin Elswick. Born and raised in Southern California, Justin developed an appreciation for music and melody as a young child. His parents would frequently listen to artists like Gordon Lightfoot, Simon and Garfunkel, Joan Baez, and The Beach Boys. As a true child of the 80s, Justin grew up under the influence of classic electro and dance acts like Yaz, New Order, Trans –X-, a-ha, Shannon and Exposé. As a “tape mixer” and D.J. in high school, Justin frequently haunted the record stores looking for cutting edge music. Upon first hearing Enya’s “Watermark,” however, Justin’s interest in Celtic, world and ethereal music blossomed.

While finishing up a degree in history at BYU in Provo, Utah, Justin began writing music on a newly purchased keyboard. After graduating, Justin moved to Ireland where he continued writing music under the influence of that country’s beautiful landscapes and history while simultaneously pursuing a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Trinity College. The songs continued to spring to life as Justin returned to the United States for law school. After obtaining his law degree from BYU and working as an attorney for several years, Justin teamed up with engineer and producer Israel Curtis to put the finishing touches on Sleepthief’s debut album, “The Dawnseeker.” Justin signed a record deal with Florida-based label Neurodisc for the release of “The Dawnseeker” in June 2006.

Featuring such acclaimed female vocalists as Kirsty Hawkshaw, Kristy Thirsk, Caroline Lavelle, and Nicola Hitchcock, “The Dawnseeker” quickly attracted a broad fan base from around the world. Described by critics as “lush,” “cinematic” and “emotional,” “The Dawnseeker” has become a perennial favorite of fans of ethereal female vocals as well as general listeners.


All I want is to reach the horizon
Where these skimming stones go on forever
For as they sink, I sink with them
Just to hold your hand right now
Would be all that I know

And I’ll take you down
To the depths of my soul

I’d sink in that bliss, in that oneness
Lord I still don’t really know how to love you
The way you love me… I don’t feel worthy
And I envy the eyes of those who do

Lord I don’t know, the way you love me

And if I knew it then, somehow I’d remember
That trust, that openness, I would make true decisions
Walking straight ahead
Instead of following directions
Out of line to the left or right
In the arms of a lover

In an endless starry night
I’ve done that all my life
These skimming stones decide
These skimming stones still lie

Download track and support volunteers working in Haiti

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