Back to the family roots

Summer greetings from Andrea Gerak’s house!

Besides enjoying the few sunny days in and around beautiful Stockholm, the days have been busy here: watch out for very exciting new collaborations, the latest acapella album This Way, Sweetheart! soon on CD Baby, iTunes and all the good online stores, and for concerts.

The next, most anticipated show is in Ibrány (Eastern Hungary), for the St Stephen Festivities on the 20th of August.

“For me, this national holiday is the nicest one of the three that we Hungarians have, and I am looking forward to this day very much. This is the town where my family is from (and as far as I know, all the Gerak families in Hungary), I spent a lot of time there as a child with my grandmother, cousins and other relatives. Now when I was invited, I got a bit emotional, for I have not been able to visit the place since the funeral of my Grandma, and if I imagine that I go back there after more than 20 years, and I will be singing on stage for thousands of people, it makes my heart beat faster…” – says Andrea.   

Andrea Gerak and Friends will give traditional Hungarian folk music on the city’s Open Air Stage, starting at 20:30. (Click on poster for map)

Andrea Gerak and Friends in Ibrány (HU) poster

Andrea Gerak and Friends in Szentes (Southern Hungary), 20 Aug 2009
(Csaba Soos – violin, Marton Eri – viola, Balint Tarkany-Kovacs – cimbalom, Akos Lukacs – contrabass)

The singer will be in Hungary for almost ten days around that day, a few further dates are still available. Contact


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