Ibrány Impressions

Photo gallery (pictures being uploaded continuously) of St Stephen’s Day Festivities where Andrea Gerak & Friends gave a hot concert in front of 5000 people in Ibrany, Eastern Hungary.

Andrea says:

“It was an incredible feeling to visit the then village where my family came from and where I have spent many summers in my childhood with my Grandma and cousins. Now, after more than 20 years, Ibrány became a town and its face has changed a lot, with great modern buildings, a very nice, prospering little city – yet I arrived home to my folks, met several relatives and many people who all seemed to be friends with each other. Indeed, the atmosphere during my entire stay was great, very friendly, people enjoying the concerts and other events of the two days. 

I can’t tell you how it felt to stand on the stage on the 20th of August when after the official celebrations I got to lead all those thousands to sing with me the National Anthem…

At our concert, people were clapping, singing along, moving their bodies – I even got a “dance partner”: a Gypsy man was dancing pretty good, right in front of the stage, and Soma, our accordeonist, showed the crowd who was the man, twisting his feet in a lads’ dance from Transylvania.  

There is too much to talk about the other programs, all the delicious traditional Hungarian food of next day’s cooking contest… 

Greatest thanks to everyone who organized this event and contributed to it in some way!”

Andrea Gerak & Friends / Gerák Andrea és Barátai, Ibrány (HU) 2010 Aug 20 - 11



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