“If you want to hear a pure voice in it’s highest state and just enjoy the ride, the lyricism in Gerak’s presentation will be enough to carry the day.” – Chris Spector – Midwest Record (Vol 28, #18)

“Enya, Sally Oldfield, Lisa Gerrard, Marta Sebestyen, Katalin Szvorak, Iren Lovasz, Bea Palya, to mention only a few names amongst which Andrea Gerak has a well deserved place.” – Editorial – Hangszer és Zene Online (Instrument and Music Online)

“Your music is really great. An excellent new addition to Irén Lovász, Márta Sebestyén/Muzsikás, Karikás, Kolinda, Besh O Drom, Katie Panek, Csík Zenekar, Kampec Dolores and Ghymes. But specially your voice is a tribute to the Hungarian female and worldmusic voices!” – Jan Willem

“This artist equals in skills and talent with one of today’s most requested voices known from the movie The Gladiator and the band Dead Can Dance… Her name is Lisa Gerrard.” – Mortesium

“The enigmatic Hungarian female voice, possible successor of Marta Sebestyen” – Dialogos3 Blog

“The Hungarian voice that will keep one excited. Without fear, she experiments with traditional subjects, mainly with those coming from her country, approaching them from different angles. Nothing resists her; neither new age, nor world fusion, nor a cappella interpretations…” – Auxi Gonzáles – Sobre Las Aireadas Olas



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