In many corners of the world, the name and of course, first of all the voice of Andrea Gerak (original spelling: Gerák, ghe-raakh) equals Hungarian folk song. Through Irish, Turkish, Bulgarian and other traditional songs, she takes the listener to other lands as well, even to such exotic places as the Solomon Islands, with traditional, acapella or world fusion interpretations.

Besides traditional tunes, her unmistakable voice can be used very well in other genres too, for example ambient, contemporary projects or soundtracks; jazz standards, musicals and pop songs can be also found in her repertoire.

Andrea Gerak had her first stage performance at the age of 5, in her home town Kazincbarcika, Northern Hungary. From a few years later on, she has been dancing and singing in several folklore groups in, in the Borsod, Avas, Csepel and Bartok dance ensembles where she was often the soloist. As a dancer, she appears in the Golden Bear awarded movie Music Box by Constantinos Costa-Gavras, seen even in the trailer.

In 2008, the artist had to undergo a cancer surgery but was back on the stage after six weeks.

After years of being first of all a mom and a wife, and searching for her path, wandering about in several countries, Andrea Gerak continued her career on a new level from the recent years.

She performed in most of Europe at festivals, clubs, exhibition openings, churches, private, corporate and community events, benefits.

Andrea Gerak & Friends / Gerák Andrea és Barátai, Ibrány (HU) 2010 Aug 20 - #9 Andrea Gerak & Friends / Gerák Andrea és Barátai, Ibrány (HU) 2010 Aug 20 - 11 Andrea Gerak & Friends / Gerák Andrea és Barátai - Szentes (HU) Aug 2009  Andrea Gerak portrait #9

Andrea Gerak & Barozda at Brugges Festival 2006 Fabatka feat. Andrea Gerak at Budapest Jazz Club, 2009 March

Andrea Gerak at Vörös Oroszlan, Budapest, 2009 Aug - #1 Andrea Gerak & Zoltan Lantos at IF Cafe, Budapest, 2010 Oct - #4

More than a singer and dancer: Andrea sometimes does acting or model jobs as well.

Andrea Gerak portrait #16 Andrea Gerak portrait #5

Since 2014, she is a part of the Prague-based World Fusion group Fililibi Project.

Today Andrea lives on the road and happy to travel wherever the journey takes her, performing solo or with excellent musicians, and occasionally acting or modeling in movies, tv shows or commercials. She loves the other side of the camera, too, spending time with photography.

If you would like to see and hear Andrea Gerak at your event or in your project, please contact:

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