Travel With a Song – České Budějovice

Do you know Švejk the Good Soldier? If you do, you might be familiar with the Czech town I am inviting you to. Or maybe you like the Budweiser beer? Budweis is the German name of this city in South Bohemia.

Since a long time, I love to sing in beautiful places where not only the sight is pleasant but the sound, too, and where it has some kind of capturing feeling.

One day, I visited České Budějovice, the city of Švejk, at sunset. I had a chance to admire on the main square how the bright sky was changing into this beautiful blue, the city’s lights being lit, sounds becoming quiet, people slowing down.

I got into the mood to try how would it sound like, if I was to sing here, in this peaceful evening atmosphere.

Well, that’s how it did.

You can hear the raw recording, without cuts and studio work – just as if you were standing there with me in that moment, listening to me singing and looking at what I can see, through the camera.

I will publish the tracks one by one, as my road takes me back to this little town and the right moment presents itself for singing.

Travel with me to Czechia, České Budějovice city!


As a default bonus you also receive a surprise song, plus a few original photography by Andrea Gerak, like these ones:


Determine how much you want to pay – no amount is too small or too big. Your contribution will help me to create more recordings and in a more professional quality, at beautiful locations.

AND, more importantly, you will get so much more than just songs!

Click on the blue “Buy now”, then type the price into the $ field. It goes via PayPal.


For various amounts, I created some extra bonuses for you, which you receive separately from the download.

If you buy any songs on this site, in any combination, you will get these additional perks:

Kolibri USD 5,- (up to 5 tracks)

A handwritten card from me, the real paper stuff, via the old school Post Office!

Become a Kolibri for USD 5.- now


Nightingale USD 10.-

– A PERSONALIZED video message with a song for you or for a loved one you want to surprise for an occasion.

Become a Nightingale for USD 10.- now


Lark USD 20.-

– A small present from my photo gift store at* like:

Sunset with pirate boat notepad

Sunset with pirate boat notepad

Become a Lark for USD 20.- now


Seagull USD 50.-

– One CD of your choice:
This Way, Sweetheart! or
Lonely Is The Bird


Become a Seagull for USD 50.- now


Hawk USD 100.-

– I create a UNIQUE, PERSONALIZED gift for you: with the name, text, logo of your choice

Perhaps yummy chocolate?

Become a Hawk for USD 100.- now


Eagle USD 200.- (Now it gets really exciting!)

– If you are visiting the town where I am (in the end of 2017, my base is the absolutely gorgeous Cesky Krumlov, Czechia, but it can be in Prague, Brno, Karlovy Vary, Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest or somewhere else in Hungary…), I will be your personal guide for one day: I show you not only the tourist attractions but spots that only locals know, take you for a nice lunch, and we can talk about all kind of things.
Of course, you will also have a chance to hear me singing at one of these beautiful spots that you can see here on my site.

How awesome would it be to meet!!

Become an Eagle for USD 200.- now


Condor USD 500.-

– I will sing at your event! Family, corporate, community or social occasions, anywhere in Hungary, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, in Poland around Krakow or Wroclaw, and in Germany, East from the Stuttgart-Berlin line.
See some references of my performances:


Become a Condor for USD 500.- now


Swan USD 1000.-

– I will sing at your event! Family, corporate, community or social occasions, anywhere in Europe. (Outside of Europe, we will have to figure out the travel)

Become a Swan for USD 1000.- now

I hope you got inspired,
Bon Voyage!



Listen again:

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